Hi there!  We’re Amanda and Tanner. Lovers. Artists. Cuddle bugs.

We've been shooting together for longer than we've been married. Working together has been a dream come true and makes every moment a favorite one. We play nerdy board games #shameless and raspberries with Nutella is our happy place. We love exploring Utah's beauty and all things nature.

Photo and film? Yes. We absolutely love what we do. But what really thrills us is getting to be so close to such a beautiful time of life. To interact with couples right there – when you've first committed to the love of your life – and feel the energy and love that all brings, that's why we love what we do.



Prance out of the temple, do a dip, or laugh and fumble your vows – your day is truly yours. Whether quirky or cute or sweet or shy, love comes in a lot of flavors. Cookie cutter same video with the same shots, same photos with the same overly-posed-poses over and over is not you. And it’s not our thing.

Real capture is about bringing out the best in you.  That means we get to know you.  We brainstorm and adore and talk about you.  That means having the extra-mile equipment to react and catch those unique-to-you spontaneous moments that make love so sweet. Yes, we even Facebook stalk you #creepy.

Because we’re both there capturing you from engagement to formals,  all those essentials represents you in an authentic, beautiful way.  By the wedding you’ll know how we roll so that you can relax and be yourself.  Then on some not-to-distant day, looking back you'll see what we've obsessed over all along. Your love.



We think you’ll be thrilled the moment you get your images. But photo and film are an investment that grows and becomes more important over time.

You'll see what we mean when you hang your first image in your newlywed apartment. Or sit down, child on your lap to show them your album. Then you'll know again when the first of you finishes this life, and other is left holding memories like sacred treasures.

Photo and film isn’t a normal part of the wedding check-list. It’s long-term can’t go back, only way to go back. It’s you, then your kids, then when you're gone your great grandkids, all one day looking back to the beginning grateful to see that love sparking, captured forever vibrant real.

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